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9 Essentials To Pack In Your Beach Bag - Go Cornwall Beaches

9 Essentials To Pack In Your Beach Bag

Having a beach bag packed and ready to go means you can get down to the beach at a moments notice.

There is nothing like being prepared, so that when the sun does come out you can be out of the door, into the car and enjoying the beach whilst the weather lasts.

On more that a few occasions we’ve got to the beach without those essential items you don’t realise you need until you get there. Forgetting a blanket to sit on often means sitting on a carrier bag so you don’t get a wet bum.

Essential Beach Bag Item

These kinds of problems can be easily solved by being prepared. You may of heard of a “Bug Out Bag” or a “Go Bag” for when the proverbial hits the fan and they have everything you need to survive for 72 hours.

Here at Go Cornwall Beaches however we like to keep things a little more positive and have a “Go To The Beach Bag” which has everything you need to enjoy a day at the beach and more importantly have a great time in the process.

A Blanket

Something to sit on is a must, I like taking a picnic blanket which rolls up small in a bag. Some people prefer chairs but if you go to a more remote beach it means carrying it to a from the beach. Even on the warmest days if you are sitting on the sand you’ll get a wet bum a blanket will provide a nice comfortable barrier.

Sun Cream

The most important thing to do is make sure you don’t get sunburnt. We’ve all seen people lying on the beach pink as a lobster and let’s face it, you’ll immediately regret not using sun tan lotion when you get home later that day.

We are so lucky in Cornwall that we get quite a lot of sunny weather (touch wood), especially in comparison to the rest of the country. There is plenty of time to enjoy the sun, you don’t need to try and get a year’s worth of sunbathing done in one day. Sun protection is essential even on mildly sunny days if you plan to spend even a short amount of time at the beach.

Beach Sunglasses


Sun protection is also important for the eyes. When lying back at the beach it becomes immediately clear that a combination of reflections from the water and the brightness from the sun beating up from the sand means you are constantly squinting. If you have ever tried reading at the beach whilst the skies are clear and the sun is beaming down you’ll know it can be a problem.

A cheap pair of sunglasses protects the eyes and because they are cheap it doesn’t matter too much if they get scratched or broken. Plus you look cool, right?

Swimming Gear

Having a swimming costume packed in your beach bag means if you do ever get the urge to take a dip then you can. There may even be occasions when you want to escape the heat of the sun and cool off with a nice swim. Of course make sure the beach is suitable for swimming and stick to the lifeguard patrolled areas if in doubt.

A Towel

If you’ve ever read “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” you’ll know the importance of taking a towel whether you go. If you’re going swimming of course you will definitely need one but they also double up a pillow, blanket and possibly a sun shade.

Food & Drink

A bottle of water or something else is a must, especially in the warmer weather. Buying drinks close to the beach is always expensive so bring something from home and save some money. At the more remote beaches there may not be any shops or restaurants close by or they can be a fair walk away so packing something and eating al fresco is always the way to go in my opinion.

It should also be noted if you swim or surf then you do lose a lot of fluids and be dehydrated but may not realise it so having a bottle of water handy is a must.

beach drink

Something To Read

I think there is no better way to chill out than reading on the beach, nothing quite comes close to losing yourself in a book or reading a paper with the sun warming you and the waves lapping at the shore, it’s a great way to pass the time.

A Hairbrush

Something that is essential to a beach bag especially if you are going into the sea is a hairbrush. Salt seems to make hair tacky for some reason, I don’t know what it is.

A Jumper and Raincoat!

You never can tell with the weather in Cornwall, our advice i to prepare for all occasions. As the evening draws in you’ll be wanting to put a jumper on and take in the sunset when it’s going to be getting chillier.

A raincoat of course is in the beach bag but hopefully shouldn’t have to be used.

Optional Extras:

At Go Cornwall Beaches this is what our beach bag consists of but there are those occasions when we head to the beach for a particular reason. This is where you pick up the optional items, take the main beach bag and then grab a wetsuit, snorkel or fishing rod and tackle. The main bag is already packed so it makes grabbing extra gear and getting out of the house a breeze. Just in time to catch the sun whilst it lasts.

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